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How we tried rural life and smart working in tuscan countryside
Tertulia is a coliving and coworking space in Tuscany, not far from Florence but completely surrounded by nature of Mugello. We have discovered this place thanks to our interview with Nomad Stays founder, Marc Phillips. Such a great surprise to find a unique reality so close to home, so we went there straight away to know more about it.

Tertulia from Spanish means "reunion of people to discuss together a certain topic", this word conquered Francesco, the owner and creator of Tertulia farm. The concept of uniting people to learn more together, to share ideas is very well represented here. You will see now why.

Francesco was raised and grew up in a big and hectic city of Milan, till when he decided to move to the countryside. He found a farm that had been abandoned 20 years before and was on sale, he took on that challenge and found a lot of work to do, a lot to restore but also such a great space for creativity and, what's truly important, amazing nature. You will find astonishing views all around the house in Tertulia, almost 290' of breathtaking panorama. Francesco has worked hard for 15 years, so the results we have seen now in 2021 are impressive! First of all, there is a house of the noble family who lived here before and inside it there are 4 rooms for guests, completely renovated but still keeping precious frescoes and floors preserved.

Francesco is an engineer so this work for him was a process of applied creativity and testing courage to see how much it is possible to do when one wishes so.

Tertulia gives a possibility to digital nomads to live sharing spaces with other inspiring people, but the most important thing is that here one can balance working moments with full immersion in nature and its rythms.

Here you will find fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage and several indoor spaces dedicated to those who need to work remotely.

Before work you may stretch your legs and do some yoga enjoying the amazing view over the hills and valley of Vicchio, a small town of 8 000 inhabitants in Mugello. Here you may find a good network of trekking routes, possibility to cycle and visit local artisans - all of this is available to Tertulia guests in their free time. The whole underlying idea is to help people to reconnect with nature while stimulating knowledge exchange and interaction between people coming from the city and those who live in the countryside.

Judging by our own experience we may say - what makes it a WoW stay is People. In fact, we would like to introduce you to people living long-term in Tertulia and around it.

Meet the owners and family of Tertulia - Francesco and Giorgia

Francesco & Giorgia
Meet Francesco & Giorgia
Francesco shares:

"I felt the need to do something different and get in touch with my values and to use my hands. I started to understand what agriculture is and worked to regenerate the landscape that is still a huge work in progress. Before the Coliving project we hosted asylum-seekers, helping them to become responsible for their own life choices. For 10 years we also held Sustainability Lab with permaculture courses. People who came for courses felt at home with us, this is why we decided to extend this experience to all year long, opening a coliving space.

I did a master course on Future of Plants, there I learned that science proves how working next to plants is beneficial for people. It reduces stress, increases our attention and inspiration, even our creativity. We see more and more plants coming into the offices, we do the opposite - we bring the office to plants.

The kitchen is the heart of Tertulia where people actually meet. We like to organize dinners altogether every week and share this time with residents.
The mission of this place is to apply permaculture ethics to our life - earth care, people care and fair share. For me this life means to be realized, to have a footprint and give the landscape a possibility to thrive again."

You may listen the full interview with Francesco here.


Francesco's partner and mother of 3 beautiful children. Giorgia told us her amazing story - she came to Tertulia years ago, at the very beginning of Francesco's journey there, she came with her friends from Milan for a party. She felt so well at this place and decided to come back once again for summer vacation, this is when their love story began. Giorgia did not think of plans, did not search for the vision of her future there, how it could go if she stayed. Step by step their story unfolds and it becomes an amazing place to be with 3 beautiful kids and such an inspiring life project.

Giorgia is a psychologist, she used to work in Milan and stopped practicing for some time when life got very busy with kids and work with asylum-seekers, that basically were some kind of kids to grow too, as they lived under the same roof.

The kids have grown now and Giorgia came back to her practice as a psychologist. Now she also teaches Mindfulness courses at Tertulia. Giving an opportunity to unwind and concentrate after long working hours for colivers.

I should add that Giorgia offers to the guests homemade yogurt and bread that are beyond delicious. You may accompany them with Tertulia's cherry jam for your breakfast.
Linda e Ariya. Homeodynamic Bowen practitioners and just an amazing company during your stay in Tertulia

Well, surprisingly enough we met here another international married couple that formed in Australia. Ariya has come together to Tertulia with his wife, Linda who is originally from Florence. They are long-term residents in Tertulia from 2020 and they help with works of maintenance and gardening. They are specialized in Homeodynamic Bowen, that is their official job when they go to the city. Bowen is a particular type of therapy that originates from a mix of asian therapy, Chinese medicine and osteopathy all mixed with athletic preparation. The trick is treating the muscle fibers to release tensions and to activite the natural healing processes by letting the muscles rehydrate themselves. We did try it twice and it made its miracles for us, releasing tensions and improving fluid movements of the body. Just as it is said to.

Ariya says about Mugello area in Tuscany: "This area has no particular tourism marketing but it is very comfortable, it has amazing food and nature. It is a dream to be here close to art and history but at the same time being a part of a modern community that is dynamic."

Apart from his therapeutic job Ariya used to work for some time in Australia in Italian restaurants and bakeries. That is why he shares his passion for cooking but… his offer is very different from local cuisine. Ariya misses the variety and taste of asian food, rich in favors and very diverse. This is the reason why he organizes from time to time and upon request a specific cooking class, which of course we have taken a chance of. Preparing the dinner for Tertulia's community we learnt a Malaysian dish, Chinese recipes and an Indian appetizer. WoW, this is a truly international environment.


Ariya's wife and his partner in therapy courses and treatment. Linda was traveling and working in Australia when she met her future husband working together in a restaurant. Her personal story is astonishing, she suffered from chronic headache and once she received some treatments of Homeodynamic Bowen from her colleague at that time, Ariya, her headache disappeared. This miraculous event for her was so strong and meaningful that she decided to dedicate her life to learning this technique and helping other people to gain back their freedom of movements and comfortable state in their own body.

Linda is a lovely and cheerful person with a very strong character. Their hobby is to go cycling or walking, far away in the countryside. Linda and Ariya can tell you a lot about available cycling routes around Tertulia.
Francesca is an experienced ecovillage and cohousing expert
Francesca Guidotti

Francesca is another long-term resident in Tertulia. She is a professional trainer for Eco villages and Coliving projects, moreover she is an author of several specialized books on this specific topic. Francesca has a unique experience of an eco village founder, that has been a 7 year long project and brought precious fruits of knowledge and understanding on dynamics of successful eco village and its long-term survival.

Francesca is a very hearty person, she animates evenings in Tertulia with her guitar playing and romantic songs. As a person who lived for a long time in a close contact with nature, so she knows and openly shares many recipes with herbs for homemade meals.
Lorenzo Ci is an activist that fights climate change
Lorenzo Ci

Lorenzo is a friend of Tertulia who lives nearby. He is very passionate about sustainability and ecological transition issues. He is an activist in the fight against food waste, regularly organizing an event called Disco Soupe. During this day they gather food that was about to go to the bin and cook some meals that are distributed to those in need and sold to those who wish to contribute to the project.

Lorenzo also is a filmmaker and photographer. So from time to time you may see him at work in Tertulia or teaching an engaging course in nature to the kids.
Voltumna wine farm in Dicomano. Meet Marzio and Valeria.

My husband Marco Lippini is a professional sommelier, very passionate about natural wines. This is why we could not miss the chance to go and visit a local farm Voltumna with a very particular location and story.

It all started like this - from 1998 Valeria starts to work for this farm where Marzio joins her as a colleague, then they get together and dream of expanding the project. They share not only love to each other at that moment but a deeper belief and courage, they know that the wine they produce can have a greater value and appreciation on the market. At that moment they were employed, but their passion for the land and wine was growing its roots very profoundly in their hearts.

They think big and see a great potential in the grapes they produce and dream of making wine by themselves. The story goes a very long and tough way - after years of suffering under a not very capable and dedicated employer whose sales were scarce, they finally manage to buy out the land and produce the wine establishing their own rules. Now their wine is completely natural and biodynamic with no additives and pesticides (read more about what natural wine means here).

One of their recent projects is called Collettiva, it is more of a social innovation project - Colettiva is the name of wine produced together with 2 other smaller winemakers from the area. They have grapes but they can not or do not make their own wine. Voltumna offers them a possibility to get wine from their grapes and taste it. As you see this is a non-commercial project, its meaning is to give a possibility to drink a good quality wine to those who have smaller productions and are not qualified for making their own wine through the whole process.

You can also go visit them when in Tertulia and their wine is available for purchase in coliving space.
Our experience could not have gone better, so we came back there again and again. Marco also organized a natural wine tasting for colivers, so if you wish to come to Tertulia - we may meet in the future too.

I am sure that the new inspiring projects in the new era of tourism are based on transformative nature contact and enriching connection between people.

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